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Horrible cupcake experience... HELP!

So this weekend was our engagement party, which was spectacular! We were using it as a dry run to figure out which cupcake flavors we liked the most from New York Cupcakes (because after trying some other places, I liked NYCupcakes the best). Well, we ordered 80 mini's, picked up the order, took it to the party, and found out we were shorted 8 cupcakes! We called just to see what happened and the owner said that it was our fault for not going through all the cupcakes before leaving the store (which I kind of agreed with as well, but an employee opened each box with me before letting us leave, while she was holding our order form). The owner then let me know that in addition to it being our fault, that she refused to deliver to my wedding venue for the wedding. Granted, I'm getting married in Mt. Vernon WA, but I offered to DOUBLE their standard delivery fee in order to secure my order. Now, after the order's been placed I'm being told that, "perhaps we need to find a bigger baker who can accommodate me." and this is the NICE version of what the OWNER of New York Cupcakes told me.   What now??? They were my favorite cupcakes that I've tried and I'm just so upset that I received such horrrible customer service... Any suggestions on bakers in the area that you've either had a good or bad experience with??
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Re: Horrible cupcake experience... HELP!

  • mgoss228mgoss228 member
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    I'm sorry about the lame-o vendor.  Do you have a contract with New York Cupcakes?  If so, wouldn't it state that they would deliver at ____ time at ____ location?  I hate flakey vendors.

    I'm not sure on a vendor for the Mount Vernon area.  I googled "Mount Vernon, WA Cupcakes," and nothing really stood out.  I saw that Haggen had a dessert catering option:
    if you click on the dessert menu, it shows that 24 "deluxe" cupcakes go for $39.  But there are also pies, cookies, etc.  IMO, it think it would be best to host a dessert bar of various desserts (from somewhere like Haggen or a local bakery), and not to even mention that it is for a wedding when you book (the W word jacks up pricing in most situations).  It would also save you money if you could have someone pick up the desserts.

    Good Luck!
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  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    Yea, I'd get outta that one.  The truth is that it's waaaay more important on the day of the wedding to not be stressing out about whether your baker is going to make it or short you or whatever than it is that the cupcakes be the BESTEST EVAR.  KWIM?

    You might see if there's a baker in Bellingham who's willing to deliver to Mt. Vernon, since it's much closer - and I'd guess they're more used to delivering to that area.
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    Delivery and stress free day would be more important to me rather than flovors, but that's just my opinion..

    Have you tried Yellow Leaf Cupcakes? They have killer frosting!
  • jennuinnejennuinne member
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    edited December 2011
    That sucks, and I agree w/ pp, don't use them.  Not worth.  We used Cupcake Royale for our wedding, they were very nice, on time, no issues and I like the cupcakes.  Not sure if they deliver to Mt. Vernon.
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    I 2nd Yellow Leaf Cupcake.  I don't know if they deliver that far, but the owners are really nice, the cupcakes are super tasty & they have tons of flavors to choose from.  Sorry for your frustrations, but I suppose it's better to find out now than have to worry on (or near) your wedding day that your vendor is uncooperative.  What horrible customer service!
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    maybe one option is having somebody in your family/friends pick up the cupcakes on their way??  im sorry they suck and have NO customer service skills.
  • isis842000isis842000 member
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    edited December 2011
     There is a place in Snohomish called Simply Sweet Cupcakes 360-568-8600, I haven't had their cupcakes, there have been rave review from the folks at church and the lady that does my hair. Their located closure to your venue.
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  • edited December 2011
    Wow. That totally sucks. That is seriously my favorite cupcake place, but I guess thank goodness we aren't having cupcakes because that would make me really mad. They have such good cupcakes, but their reviews on yelp aren't that good because their customer service does suck.
  • edited December 2011
    New York Cupcakes!! UGHHH. I've only been in here once and there were about 4 girls behind the counter who all looked up at me with a scowl when I walked in- yikes. I don't even remember if the cupcakes I ordered were good, those girls were awful. I agree with everyone else about yellow leaf! They're soooo good. 

    The only place in Mt Vernon I know of to order cupcakes is xtra special cakes. You'd save on a delivery fee. 
  • ckonidakckonidak member
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    edited December 2011
    Thanks so much guys. I was so upset because they have the best cupcakes that I've tried, but I don't want to stress with wondering how their customer service will be on my big day. And thank you all for the suggestions!! I'll definitely have to check them out!
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