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Offbeat Wedding Parties (Showers, Engagement, Bachelorette, etc.)

I assume most of us are not limiting our offbeat style to just the wedding. Are your family, friends, or (if you have broke families like us) maybe you and your future husband/wife throwing offbeat wedding parties too? Maybe even your honeymoon is off the beaten path? I want to hear all the good stuff! :D
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Re: Offbeat Wedding Parties (Showers, Engagement, Bachelorette, etc.)

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    Our showers and bachelor/ette parties are pretty traditional. Our families are pretty traditional. However our HM isn't the usual beach resort or cruise. We're going to Australia and New Zealand and I can't friggin wait!
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    We are going to Disney World for our honeymoon! It's a bit different I think. For our rehearsal dinner, we are having it at a popular local pizza place. :)
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    We're going to Alaska for our HM, I consider that a little offbeat. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm having a wonderland tea party shower, and we're going to galatic bowling for my bach party :-P
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    We aren't having any kind of showers, nor did we have an engagement party.

    As for our honeymoon, we plan to spend it backpacking around Southeast Asia for several weeks.

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    My shower is being thrown by my family so it'll be traditional. 

    My bachelorette party was difficult to plan, it ended up being my two closest BMs ones pregnant and one is not quite 18, that wanted to go so we're just getting a hotel out of town, going out to dinner at a spy themed restaurant, then going to a family oriented comedy club that I found, and then the next day we're going shopping, eating at the cheesecake factory, and seeing a movie. 

    My Rehearsal dinner is at 8PM and we're going out for pizza. It was the only time that worked out with our extremely late rehearsal time. I think we'll have a blast though, we get our own room there and the pizza is sooooo good!

    Our honeymoon is just us going to Minnesota to a casino resort that has an arcade and bowling, we'll be spending one of the days there at Mall Of America. We need to tackle some more of our debt, but I think we should manage a trip to Germany in the summer of 2013! It's our dream honeymoon, and I'm making sure we go there before we have kids, because I know it'll be near impossible to go there after we have kids. 
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    we're not doing wedding showers and IDK what my bach party will be yet, but I know the rehearsal dinner will be a rehersal fiesta! 

    We're going to have a taco/fajita/nacho bar where you can mix and match and make your own whatever you want. We'll have margaritias and Rock Band 3, as well. I'm excited! :P  

    ...I may even buy a piniata for decoration, because that'd be hilarious. 
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    I guess I could have shared mine, since I asked the question. Ha.

    We didn't have an engagement party. Our engagement was a bit over a year and a half to help us have time to save money since we are paying for everything ourselves. Seemed like an expense we didn't need.

    We're likely having a co-ed shower. A honeymoon themed shower. Our honeymoon is in NYC. No finger sandwiches or petit fours. New York-style pizza, street vendor type food and cheesecake, etc. Oh yeah, and no present opening. We want it to be about us, friends and family, not about gifts.

    We're also having a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party. Of course our bridal party is taking most of the lead on this, but if it's anything like every party we have ever had: alcohol, video games, food.

    As for the honeymoon, we have lots of nerdy plans in NYC. Museums, the Space Center, the Nintendo World Store, the Sanrio Store (Hello Kitty!), the Lego Store, lots of comic shops, etc.
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    My mom is doing my shower so it will be pretty traditional.

    Our honeymoon is undecided because I hate resort vacations. I would love to go somewhere weird, but budget is always an issue. I wanted to go to Morocco but then the protests started so now we are thinking Central or South America.
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    Rehearsal dinner will be at my folks house after and we're getting the BEST pizza in Boise, playing yard gmes, etc till the girls leave for spa day.  Honeymoon is at Glacier National Park since we're campers.  Plus we're waiting a coule weeks so we don't have to stress with wedding AND honeymoon.  Enjoy it all, ladies!
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    IDK how offbeat my wedding parties are...

    We didn't have an engagement party, we're having a big party after the wedding where we will invite all our friends and family we couldn't invite to the wedding as its a small DW.

    My shower is going to be a little different too as my moms best friend is insisting on hosting it even though she's not coming to the wedding, and the rest of her group of closest friends that aren't invited are all coming too, their exact words were f**k etiquette, we want to do something for you and we're doing it. So they are.

    For the bacheloretty party we aren't going out partying or anything as I don't drink. We haven't 100% figured it out yet but I think a spa weekend is the plan. The other idea is a co-ed camping weekend which also sounds awesome.

    Our RD will be fairly traditional, except everyone's invited. One advantage of having a small wedding away.

    And then there will be the big post wedding celebration, the first Saturday after we get back from our honeymoon. I am going to wear my dress again and it'll be a big poolside BBQ at my parents house.

    I love hearing about everyone's parties...I wish I could come to them all Tongue out

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    no engagement party or shower for me - they just aren't my style. i feel bad cause i know my mom would have liked to thrown a shower, but since she's the best mom in the world, she is accepting it. instead we are going to do a spa day.
    bach party is going to be pretty standard though - lots of drinking and dancing. i only drink once in a blue moon, so i like to do it up when i indulge!
    not sure about RD yet, but prob a bar be que at a state park with lots of frisbee.
    honeymoon is new zealand, seriously cannot wait!

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    We didn't have an engagement party either since when we got engaged we knew it would be several years before getting married- everyone's pretty well aware we're getting married.

    Bachelor Party- the boys are going deep sea fishing
    Bachelorette Party- thinking about spending the weekend in Orlando and hitting up Halloween Horror Nights since we're getting married for Halloween.

    Honeymoon- We are taking a road trip to Vegas, which is where we got engaged. We live in Florida and want to do the whole stop at weird attractions along the way. We're taking like 2 weeks to do it.

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