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    we did so we weren't tied down to one store. we have some stuff from crate and barrel, target, macys, rei, home depot and then we have odds and ends from random more obscure retailers. i know there are pros and cons to these types of sites but i wanted us to have a regsitry that reflected us, and there aren't really any stores that do that on their own. pooling from a bunch of different ones i think we have a good cross section of more classic stuff for our family members, too more offbeat stuff that our friends might like to get for us. you should check out their site, once you register your add a drag and drop bookmark button so anytime you are browsing the web and see something you like you just click on it and it adds it to your list which is super neat.

    wow i sound like i work for them, lol.
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    I'm boring, Target and Kohl's lol.

    I wish we could have registered at BB&B or Crate and Barrel, but the town we live in kind of sucks, and Target and Kohl's are all we have near.
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    We chose Target and Macy's. Target is where we registered for a lot of basics, they were really easy to register with and I got a gift card for Shutterfly from them!
    At Macy's, we will get a 10% completion bonus for stuff not bought, and get a gift card for 5% of the value of the gifts people buy. Also, they gave us a bag full of bridal magazines. I really liked the registering experience at both stores.
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    I really wanted a ThinkGeek registry.....
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    Tuck- Love the idea of ThinkGeek, they have some really cool stuff.

    We haven't really registered yet, and not quite sure what to do because we've been living together for 4 years, the house is pretty well set. I read somewhere about a website that does like a fund for cash or for money to be applied to a trip but I can't think of what it's called. We're taking a road trip to Vegas for our honeymoon.
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    It's funny how a lot of people on TK boards recommend against a honeymoon registry, but then I've had multiple guests tell me it would be cool if we did that.  And our STDs aren't out yet.

    I understand that it seems rude b/c it's like asking for cash, but if guests are suggesting it to you, maybe it's not as rude as everyone thinks.  Plus some of them only give the funds to the hotel/airline/whatever, so the couple may not even see cash.

    I think it's part of the evolution of marriage.  Few of us are just out of school setting up a home for the first time.  Sure, they could buy us new plates to replace the old ones, but it's not a need like it used to be.
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    We haven't registered yet, or completely decided where we want to register. Our biggest issue is that in my hometown, there are only a few places (read, no target, crate & barrel, bed bath and beyond, ect). And a lot out guest list from that area are not computer savvy, and wouldn't go for online ordering.

    I love the ThinkGeek registry. I'm currently waiting for some stuff to come back from out of stock.

    For those who are, and have, registered at Target, what is true about their return policy. I've read that it is extremely difficult to return or exchange something that you may have gotten an duplicate of? And, while I love Target better than Walmart, if thats true (plus my problem that my hometown does not have a target) I might end up doing a walmart one.
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    Kohl's and Target, because I love Target and my family lives near a Kohl's and neither is very expensive.  Even though some people say not to, we registered for some honeymoon stuff with Disney.  We already paid for the honeymoon, but it just list some fun stuff we want to do, and we aren't urging people towards it, it is just listed in case people want a different option.
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    we are doing amazon... and i think honeymoon registries are super cool so you should go for it if you want!
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    We have a bunch of registries, but I think the most offbeat one is at the Museum of Modern Art ( They have tons of cool, interesting kitchen gadgets and home decor.
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    wow what great ideas.
    i've never thought to look at moma before even though mr.owl and i loved it when we went last summer.
    also the fact that amazon has a universal registry is pretty awesome.
    thanks ladies!
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    BEST IDEA EVER...some think it's tacky but everyone I've talked to LOVES it...
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    We haven't registered anywhere yet (we still havent even set a date!) but we both know that we are going to register at REI!  Considering we LOVE anything outside, it is the perfect place for us :-)  
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    We just went with Target (because I love it and all our guests have access to one), BBB (because they have a more extensive kitchen department than Target) and Macy's (because they had the china pattern I liked as well as Fiesta ware, which I've been kind of obsessed with since I was little).
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