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Help with Wedding Ideas?

Hey guys! So I need help coming up with ideas for my wedding. I am a colorguard instructor and my soon to be husband is a percussion instructor. We want to get engagement photos taken representing what we love, which is guard and percussion, but we are at a loss at how to portray that. We also want our wedding theme to be loaded with guard and percussion allusions. Do you guys have any idea how we can do both?

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    For engagement photos, couldn't you just get pictures of yourselves "in uniform?"  Or, at the very least, you could wear regular clothes & have him with his drum on and you holding your rifle or flag.  Engagement photos don't have to be the formal stuffy photos that some people do.  My FI & I did our own off a hiking path where we got engaged since we are outdoor people.  We're wearing "hiking" type clothes & he even has a knit hat on since it was chilly that day.  It reflects exactly who we are.  I say do the same and let your pictures have some flare!  Or, I'm not sure if you're still in college where you're in a marching band that performs on a football field, or if you instuct at a college, but if so, consider a football field as your location as SO much marching band action takes place there.
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