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picked the site - 6 days to go

I'm so excited! We drove around with 2 friends (one is the officiant) and found a FABULOUS spot for our outdoor offbeat wedding (of 8 guests). It's an entire grove of cherry trees in the middle of the arboretum so it feels like you're in the woods, but it's only a 2 minute walk from the car! SO beautiful. There are benches and 8 or 9 giant cherry trees of different sub species. It's free, of course, and gorgeous.

My dress is done. My veil is done. Our friend is making us her amazing chocolate cake (professional baker!) and the reception is dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. It'll be wonderful. If it rains I'll bring an umbrella. I'm not worried. 


Re: picked the site - 6 days to go

  • Congrats! 
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    I'm so excited for you! I know how long you've been waiting to "secure" the venue and I can't imagine how antsy you must have been waiting for the trees to bloom. 

    If it rains have you considered some cute rain boots?  I've seen some pretty cute rainboots out there that might make for some unique wedding day photos. Obviously this wouldn't be a hit with everyone, and you don't have to wear the rain boots in every photo or during the ceremony. I just thought what better way to help add some color and whimsy to a rainy wedding day than with cute rain boots! You could use colorful umbrellas instead if you'd rather keep normal footwear. 

    I hope your day is everything you two have wished for. Hopefully this week doesn't drag on too slowly for you!

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