Monday check-in

I hope you ladies are enjoying this Memorial Day!
How are you spending the day? WR? NWR?
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Re: Monday check-in

  • I am among the few that have to work today, but I don't mind since FI also works. I am also going for a dress fitting and then ironing out some other WR details, and working on a baby shower for one of my bridesmaids. 

    Have a great day ladies!
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  • I went to  a BBQ last night at a friend's place, so that was fun. I brought coconut cupcakes - oh my! So good. I'm about to grab one of the leftovers right now. :)

    We also hired our photographer over the weekend. Another big thing to check off the list. 

    Have fun at your dress fitting!!
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  • We had a good mix of fun and getting things checked off our massive to do list. On the fun side we went to a BBQ Saturday, wineries on Sunday and lazed around the house today. Got some big checks for the wedding: Started planning the ceremony Picked out a reading and asked my friend to read Picked song for me and dad to dance to Bought 2 pairs of shoes heels for the pics and ceremony and then flats. FI got his outfit sorted Figured out details of our popcorn bar. Gift card basket picked out. Such a relief to make some progress.

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  • Wow dawn, you really DID get a ton of check marks off your list! I hope to have a productive day the same as yours here soon! We ar eboth getting down to the wire, it will be so much fun to see recaps posts!!
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  • WR: I tried on wedding dresses for the first time ever! I Do Bridal had their sample sale yesterday. I found an amazing dress, and stood there for 30 minutes debating on buying it or not. I decided to wait (wedding isn't until 8.2.13). They have another sample sale in January that will work better for me. I've been losing lots of weight, so I really want a smaller size dress :)

    NWR: Our weekend was kind of lame. We went to watch the UFC fight on Saturday at the bar my sister works at. Since I'm on the diet, I can't drink, so I'm really lame. Sunday we just hung out at home all day and yesterday we ran some errands and had dinner at my parents house.
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