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Opinions on BBQ wedding

We are planning a Friday night wedding in March. (read: not outside or summery) 

In general I'm wondering about BBQ being the dinner option. Setting aside vegetarians since we don't have many in our families. Is BBQ just too messy? It would mean we would go less formal for sure but is pulled pork and baked beans just not appropriate for a wedding? 

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Re: Opinions on BBQ wedding

  • I've been to a BBQ wedding before. It wasn't bad. The food was good but you can't really go wrong with NC BBQ.

    You're right. You can't really have a black tie event and BBQ but it sounds like you've already figured that out. Go for it!
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  • Oh that would be amazing! I would love love love going to a wedding with BBQ, we were going to have BBQ catered but then our fave restaurant closed down before the wedding. I think as long as your not doing ribs or something SUPER messy you'll be fine. BBQ is a lot better than some of the mystery meat I've seen at some super expensive weddings lol. 
  • We had considered a BBQ wedding early on in the planning and my best friend's mother was very excited about the idea.  I think you should go for it.  I know I would enjoy it.
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  • I've been to a couple and they were great. Such a nice change from normal wedding fare. We're doing a hog roast for ours, so total BBQ. Have lots of napkins!
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  • we are having bbq chicken and a crapload of salads (pasta salad, orzo salad, potato salad greek salad, green salad and roasted veggies) and family get together kinda food...So I thumbs up your bbq plans!

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  • I had a BBQ wedding (pulled pork, brats, corn on the cob...) in November. Family & friends raved about the food!
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  • We're doing bbq in December. Pulled pork, brisket, chicken, and sides catered from a local restaurant. My Mom was worried about eating pulled pork while in formal wear until I pointed out to her that it's no more dangerous than eating stuffed shells (she's making them because in our Italian family, it just ain't a party without em). She saw my point.

    We are doing it because I LOVE bbq (he does as well, but not as much as I do!) and because it's economical. Plus, it'll be tastier than the rubber banquet hall chicken we're used to.
  • Sounds awesome to me!!

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  • I think it's a great idea. You might want to have some substantial non-BBQ food, though, just in case some people don't like BBQ flavor. I would love it but my FI, for example, just doesn't like the taste of BBQ.
  • I love the idea!  I don't like "typical" wedding meals and would be excited to arrive at a wedding and find BBQ.  Be careful eating it in your dress!
  • im doing it! were having bbq ribs, but also chicken and mostacholli with italian sausage. and its all buffet style. i was talking about going all out bbq but you know how people get. "oh its not classy at all." my question to them was "do i look like im classy?" 
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