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Pig Roast Reception?

We are planning an extremely casual wedding where jeans are encouraged and kids are more then welcome. Its going to be at my future-in-law's farmhouse follwed by a pig roast reception. but I'm kinda afraid that some people are going to be put off by it. 

Re: Pig Roast Reception?

  • They probably will be. Especially vegetarians & vegans! Does that matter? It's your wedding and your vision and your celebration. If you're clear about the pig roasting in the invitations then people who are against it don't have to come. If you'd rather please everyone have a traditional reception in a hotel or equally sanitary place. If you want to have a pig roast, you'll step on some toes but it will be awesome!
  • It sounds like a blast - BUT as pp mentioned you may want to have vegetarian or vegan  options available.  and I know a regular pig pickin' will have anyone walk rigth up and pull off what they want from the pig - but please don't do this ... have it broken down already ...
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  • My friend has a pig roast every year. It is a ton of fun and everyone enjoys th day. I don't drink beer or eat the pig and I still have fun. With that said, I'd have veggie/ kosher options. It's a fun environment naturally so I don't foresee any other issues. Have fun!
  • My only suggestions would be to have a vegetarian option and maybe have the pig somewhere out of sight. I'm a vegetarian, but the last time I went to a gathering that had a pig, it was actually my meat-eating guest I brought who was offended. It made her so sick she couldn't eat. Granted, if you eat meat you should know where it came from but still, some people can't handle it.
  • I too am having a pig roast reception.  Our pig will be cooked offsite though, and we're making it well known in talking about our wedding that we'll be serving a pig roast. (mainly because we're super excited about the idea)  I've seen a few ideas of tactful ways to state on the RSVP to please specify if vegetarian options are needed for the guest.

    Good luck with planning and keep in touch - glad to see someone else has similar ideas!
  • I agree with maybe keeping the pig offsite, I could see that bothering some people and ruining the 'wedding mood'. As long as you have veggie options you're good for the food :)

    As for the venue, if that's something that bothers you I've seen some GORGEOUS farm weddings!!!!
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