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Wedding Crashers: welcome!

Hi all!!
After much deliberation with FH, we've decided that we will do a DW with our parents, brothers, and Best Man/MoH. We will have a nice dinner with them after the church ceremony.

However, all of our cousins have asked about our plan, so we were straight forward about it. They are teasing about "crashing" (we approve), and FH and I told them that if they wanted to come up for the weekend, they were welcome, but that we will not be having a formal reception, so they will be on their own for food, etc.

There are so many family members who have expressed their excitement to spend this time with us regardless of the type of party. We want to send out an announcement with the details:

"if you want to go on a mini vacation on [weekend] at [location] and "oh, by the way" (as my dad put it) we're getting married while we're out there. BUT there won't be a formal reception. and we didn't register for gifts."

I'm having trouble wording this, keeping it fun, casual, yet clear. Any ideas?

I should add: I plan to get the names of everyone who shows up, and send them a special Thank You gift rather than just a simple card.

Re: Wedding Crashers: welcome!

  • Instead of spending money on the "Thank You Gifts" you should spend it on their dinner and drinks. If you get married in the morning or early afternoon; you can host punch and cake but if you're having an evening ceremony, then you must have dinner and drinks. Not necessarily alcohol.

    It doesn't matter if you note "btw" it's still an invitation to your wedding. Setup a budget to feed your cousins or don't invite them at all. Are you staying at a resort? most of them have pretty reasonable rates for early ceremonies and provide the cake and refreshments.
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