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Theme vow renewal- ideas

Hi Ladies,  
I would love to get some advice.  My husband and I are currently planning a small vow renewal for our 5 year anniversary(our family and friends are all for it and even 1 family member suggested it).  When we originally got married it was suppose to be a destination wedding in Florida, that never happened. We still have all our stuff, dresses etc.  So we are going to use them and do a beach theme.  Only problem is we will be in Missouri in October.  Not even close to a beach. We are renting a pavilion over looking a pond. Very pretty but not beachy.   Any ideas on how I can make the pavilion more beachy like.  I was thinking of using some sort of fabric to create a cabana look.  Our favors are also going to be our centerpieces and they are beach candles with sea shells.  My bouquet will be made of sea shells (least that is the plan).  

I would love any ideas you may offer.  I already posted on the beach theme wedding board, but thought this may be a good board too.  If this post offends any one I apologize, just trying to get some help and ideas.  Thanks

Re: Theme vow renewal- ideas

  • Thank you for your input,  it is greatly appreciated.  And thanks for the website, we have actually been looking at the renewals on there, it just didnt seem as active.  :) 
  • Having a wedding at a pond is very unique. I love the idea. 

    Have you thought about incorporating elements of the pond for your vow renewals such as llily pad floating candles or moss around the centerpieces for a rustic look? Your flowers could be wild flowers that are local to that area.

  • I have not thought abou the lily pad candles or anything like that since we have already got eveything with sand and shells, but that idea gets me thinking of maybe seaweed and stuff to maybe tie in the look.  Thanks for the suggestions. Great idea! 
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    Elleeblu, this is OT, but just wanted to say your plans sound lovely and I hope it all goes great without any problems! I'm doing a renewal, too, and there are times we need some "attagirls" instead of the negativity that floats around TK towards us (although these ladies were so nice and helpful with you! Yay!).


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