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I need a reading & I have 5 days to go XP

CN: I need a reading that's not from the bible- although God can be in it. We're spiritual people, so even anything with The Dalai Lama is okay. I need it to be shorter than the Velveteen Rabbit if possible. Preferably something unique and different, and pertains to a couple that has been together a long time (15 years.) Lovey-dovey is okay, but realistic is better.

Back-story: Ugh. Drama before the wedding. My future stepson feels really left out with the wedding. Because we decided to have only BM, MOH, Flower Babies, & Ring Bearer- there was no "positions." (FI & him have a very rocky relationship and it was his choice not to have him as his BM. And I don't know if this really matters, but Future step-son is 32 years old and it’s been an up and down roller-coaster over the years with him. We DO get along, but it's always at the cost of FI feelings dealing with his passive-aggressive behavior. He's threatening now not to come.)

So anyway, this comes as a surprise that he feels this way, and of course it was not my intention to hurt anyone.

We did not want to do any readings. We wanted a short 15-minute ceremony, but I am willing to include one reading to include him. FI is pissed and feels that we shouldn't have to bend our wishes to please his son. I feel the opposite. I feel bad that he feels this way, and I want to make it right.


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