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So a while ago I put my intro in the "intros" thread, but ever since then I have been shy to post here.  So I figured I would do it now, and bite the bullet so that I can feel more comfortable posting in other topics.

Hi!  I'm Caroline.  I like to write, read, play video games, geocache, take photos, and generally do anything dorky at least once.  My beau and I are getting married in November of next year, so my planning process has only just begun.  I am really excited to add in some offbeat elements to our wedding, though!  I have already started to get an inkling that I want either a colored dress or a dress that has colored accents.  Which I have a feeling my mother/his mother will not like, but hey, it's our wedding, not theirs!  I also watch a ridiculous amount of wedding shows at the moment, because I like to garner a few ideas here, a few ideas there.

Anyway, I look forward to talking with you all more and hopefully becoming a part of your community.  :)
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