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Hello I am searching for a photographer for my wedding in Gatlinburg, Tn. Do you know of any?
Thank you

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    [QUOTE]Hello I am searching for a photographer for my wedding in Gatlinburg, Tn. Do you know of any? Thank you
    Posted by Jesphun[/QUOTE]

    You might try posting this on the local board for that region.  When you are inquring about their services, just be honest that it is a same sex wedding and ask if they are comfortable with that.  I did that with all of my vendors. 
  • I agree with cmgilpin.  Especially in an area that doesn't have legal same-sex marriage, a lot of photographers are simply never going to have been asked about doing a same-sex wedding.  Thus, they'd never appear on anyone's list of gay friendly photographers.  However, most wedding vendors are in fact open to same-sex weddings, so you probably just want to find out first who is a good photographer.  And if you find one who is not open to your wedding, you just don't have to use that person.
  • I'm sorry I can't refer someone to you.  I wanted to caution you however...we chose a lesbian photographer who I knew from business.  We were blinded by her being family when we got the pics and were kinda disappointed at the quality and shots chosen.

    Let's support family business but keep your eyes open.   Best of luck.
  • What I did was I researched web sites and prices when I found one that was in my fincnail budget or I loved their work where they did not post their prices I just sent them an email and asked them if they had shot a gay wedding. and if they were free that day.

    I got various responses from yes to never have shot a gay wedding but would love to....
    One said no they were not interested and there were a handful I NEVER heard back from.

    In the end I chose someone who has never shot a gay wedding, she fit in my budget, I like her work and when we met she was very sweet and very excited about it.

  • I've pretty much done what Shaneollenberge did and had the same types of responses. Most of our research was online and then I'd email them, ask my questions, include the gay thing and guage the responses. We've had great luck so far. I think you'll be surprised in a good way at what you find
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  • I know my photographer is definitely involved in supporting the community. You should check him out:
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