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Gay-Friendly Honeymoon ideas???

Hey everyone! We're getting married October 6, 2012 in Minneapolis, where we live. We're trying to decide on a honeymoon spot, and thought I'd ask you all for suggestions. We'll probably go right after the wedding. 

1. 100% Gay Friendly. This is our number one criteria. The goal is to go somewhere that's so gay friendly that we can say "We're on our honeymoon!" and not have to worry one bit about the reaction. 
2. Relatively easy to get to - less than one day of flying, not a ton of connecting flights, etc. Minneapolis is a delta hub, so we can get most anywhere, but I don't want to spend two days driving through the jungle to get somewhere super remote or anything - I'll be ready to relax!
3. In the $2000-$4000 range for 7-10 days. 

We don't have our heart set on warm climate, beach, anything like that. We'd like a relaxing trip with options to do/see fun things, be active. The three places that keep coming up are Key West, P-town, and Vancouver, or trying to find a gay-friendly resort in Mexico.

Any ideas? Anyone been to those places and have thoughts/suggestions?

Re: Gay-Friendly Honeymoon ideas???

  • I know numerous cruise lines that are affordable and 100% gay-friendly. Most cruises dock for a day or two in numerous locations, giving you the opportunity to sightsee. Hope this helped!
  • My fiancee and I have been to P*nta Cana and they are gay friendly - even met another gay couple on our resort who had ran into no problems and the price is always great and we always have a great time.  You won't have any problems in Canada!! 

    Wikipedia actually has a "LGBT rights by country" chart that will tell you each countries laws. 

    Good luck and have fun!  We are going back to the Dominican I think for our honeymoon.
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  • I love Mexico and we will be finding something there. We want to have a great time and not worry about being treated different...
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  • We went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and had no problems. Everyone we encountered asked if we were there for a special occasion and we weren't uncomfortable saying we're on our honeymoon to ANYONE. I was super shocked how accepting everyone there was. Highly recommended!
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  • Zoetry casa del mar los Cabos & Secrets Marquis (super new & trendy) are only adults all inclusive and super close to everything in Cabos and far enough to enjoy romance!!!
  • I would highly recommend you consider honeymooning in Provincetown, MA. Located at the tip of Cape Cod, it has a vibrant gay and lesbian community. Stolling down the quaint streets hand-in-hand is expected. There are very gay friendly B&B's lux accomodations, dance halls and enterainment. And possibly the most beautiful ocean front ever possible - the national seashore encompasses acres and acres of land where you can enjoy private beaches, rent bicyles to ride trails, or take pedi-cab if you are feeling lazy.  We have vacationed there for years and it will be our wedding destination.!
  • My fiance and I actually got engaged in St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. There are no gay specific bars but we never ran into any issues. It was beautiful and everyone was friendly and welcoming. We went into many shops, restaurants and did offshore excursions.  I would highly suggest it to anyone. We stayed at Bolongo Bay Resort and I do believe the young man who checked us in was gay. It's a very small island but there is a ferry that travels for cheap. We booked through travelocity and this would definitely fit into your budget.

  • Have you looked into places like Belgium?  My fiance and I are leaning towards honeymooning in a country where same sex marriage is legal.  Belgium is high on our list and based on some quick travel searches, depending on the time of year, you should be able to spend under $4,000 for two people/7 days.  

  • A timely article from HufPo

    Some of the places you'd probably assume weren't the best idea (read: Uganda). However other places, I wouldn't have thought would be an issue and I've actually suggested visiting when making vacation plans with my fiance (like, Belize.)
  • We're getting married in September 2012. Our honeymoon won't be until January 2013;we're going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It's supposed to be very gay-friendly. I just picked up the latest issue of Curve and there's an article on PdC. We can't wait!
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