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Beach weddings name is Krystal. My fiance and I are trying to find out more information about a Carribean wedding (specifically in Belize). I've tried going on some of their websites but there is not any information on same-sex marriages???? Does anyone know if this is a gay friendly place?? I've always wanted to get married on the beach of the Carribean but I guess I could settle for Florida or somewhere like that...

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    i got married in belize (ambergris caye)...i am not gay, but found ambergris caye to be very gay friendly ..very friendly in general. People seemed very open minded. You can see tons of photos from our trip and wedding in my Bio. let me know if you have any questions. i would be happy to make recommendations if needed :))

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    Did you go through the I DO Belize website? I've been in contact with Kelli through it...she said they would be happy to do a commitment ceremony for us! If you don't mind me asking which resort did you use? I've been looking at Journeys End Resort...we want to have a private cabana on the beach and our guests to stay in more of a hotel setting. Any tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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    My mother just got married at the Almond Beach Resort and can't stop raving about it! I don't know how gay-friendly they are though.
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