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MY god, I'm an idiot and didn't even realize there was a same-sex board so I've posted in the regular boards.  Which of course was fine, but it's also nice to find this as there are special issues for us like 2 dresses and name changes and traveling to MA!I proposed to my lovely fiancee about 2 weeks ago on a cruise on deck under the stars.  I was ring searching for nearly a year and it was SO hard keeping it a secret!I'm nervous because we will mostly likely be doing a budget wedding in Cape Cod and probably will not be able to go prior to the wedding.  All of the vendors will have to be based off of good reviews.  Also seems a bit difficult to find a vendor specializing in vegetarian food (I want this for around half the food).Both my partner and I came out to our extended families during the past two weeks.  We were so worried, but every single person we told at the very least said congratulations!  I am so blessed as my grandparents are in their mid to late 80s.  Kudos to our families!

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    congratulations! have you set a date?glad you found us :)

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    Welcome!  There are a lot of us in similar situations.  My FI and I live in the DC area, but are traveling to MA (next week!) for the wedding.  We've had to find the rabbi, synagogue, reception location, accommodations, photographer, and hair/make-up person all long-distance.  Even little things have been a challenge--like finding a store where we can pick up challah the day of the wedding for the blessing over the bread.I have to say, though, that this wedding has been a lot easier to plan than my first wedding, over 30 years ago.  At least now there is the Internet, and you can look up vendor reviews or ask questions of people local to the area.The one thing to watch out for when planning a wedding in MA long distance is that MA has a three-day waiting period for a marriage license.  The waiting period can be waived, but it requires a petition to a court and the payment of an extra fee to do it.  This is a royal pain for those of us who can't just drop by the clerk's office to apply for the marriage license, because we live many states away.
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    Welcome! I am getting married in Boston in three weeks! (yikes). But I live here so it is much easier to plan. Don't hesitate to ask for local suggestions. And congratulations!
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    I'm also a local to the Boston area, so feel free to contact me with any questions! Good luck and congrats!
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    Congratulations! My fiance' and I are also trying to plan our MA wedding from out of state. Have you gotten any suggestions for venues? Best wishes!
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