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My FI and I have been officially engaged less than a week (though we've been talking a lot) and we are already at war over something. We can't agree on who should go down the aisle first. We are both wearing dresses and both being given away. My concern is that one of us is going to miss watching the other one going down the aisle. I want to see her reaction as I walk toward her, but she wants the same thing? Please, please please, help us with any suggestions.
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Re: Please Help!

  • A couple of ideas:

    *  If you can set up your seating so there are two aisles instead of one, you could each come down a separate aisle at the same time.
    * Perhaps you could enter at the back from opposite sides, one from the right and one from the left.  That way, each of you could see the other coming toward her.  When you reached the aisle, perhaps you could both leave your escorts and walk together the rest of the way.
  • Oh thank you so much. I will run that by her this evening. You may have just saved the ceremony!!
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  • My fiancé and I are having the same issue and our solution is to come down the aisle at the same time (two separate aisles). This way, no one is first and we both get to see the other's reaction. Congratulations! Hope this helps some.
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