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Gay Friendly Photographers in Vermont

My partner and I are getting married this September in Vermont. Does anyone know of any good gay friendly photographers who are affordable?
Thanks so much!!!

Re: Gay Friendly Photographers in Vermont

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    You are probably best off asking on your local board about good wedding photographers, and then calling the ones that are recommended and seeing how they respond.  Our experience in Massachusetts was that the wedding vendors at this point take same-sex marriage for granted, so the ones that are good for straight weddings are also good for gay ones.  But of course, if you find one who is hostile, you don't have to use that person.
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    Check out Alison Pierce.  My partner and I are using her this August.  We've met with her and she is absolutely fabulous.  Very gay friendly and just friendly in general.  She is very reasonably priced.  See some of her work here:
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    My partner and I are using Jason Johns from Strafford.  We had such an amazing interview with him, and we really like his work generally.
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