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AW: About the job...

So the company I interviewed with last week called me. I didn't recognize the number so I waited it out for them to leave me a message.

Well they offered me the job and to pay me $15/hr. I didn't accept right away because- I have another interview tomorrow morning at 11am.

I'm soooo confused on what to do. I don't know what the pay scale is for the tomorrow interview. It's actually closer to home then the other one. And that is all I can compare right now.

So yeah, the $15 is their high offer, but a very low for me. I can accept it, pending raises or moving up the ladder. I cannot stay in a rut. I have goals. But this job does offer longevity. So that is a plus- I think.

Pending that I accept this job, how does one be selfish and ask what the time off is like? Or how to guarentee the time off even with no pay?  This is going with my selfish "I want a Honeymoon, Dag nab it!" 

Having Eeek moment here. I'm a spaz.

Re: AW: About the job...

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    I just got a new job and I explained to them that im taking a 10 day honeymoon that has already been arranged and they completely understood. It's not just "any" vacation after all!! As far as which job to take....nobody can decide that for you. Make a pros and cons list for both....and this is also assuming that you like the aspects of the job tomorrow, you might not!
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    Congrats on the job offer.  No advice for you on which one you should take, only you can decide that.....plus the other position has not yet turned into a job offer.  If I were you, I would hold off on accepting the first job offer until after your interview tomorrow.  At the interview tomorrow, I would politely ask them what the timing is for the offer of the job and also what the pay scale is.  Explain that you have received a job offer prior to coming to the interview but based on logistics you would like to be available to them should they offer. 

    As for the last question you had, as how to ask about time off.  Prior to acceptance of the job (either job), let them know that you have a preplanned and already (paid)  committed vacation (you do not have to call it a honeymoon) for X.  Most employers do not have an issue with this as long as you are open and honest with this upfront upon acceptance of the job.  Do not wait to ask until after you are hired.  That does not sit well with most employers.  Good luck, Happy Deciding!
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    You could ask about their benefits and see what they'll offer.

    I'd wait and see how the interview goes tomorrow before deciding on anything.

    I wonder if you'd be able to negotiate your pay rate with the first job offer- maybe if they knew that you may take a different job offer, they'll try to keep you by raising your pay? I'm not sure if this is at all appropriate though.
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    The 1st job offer won't go any higer then 15. I had asked for $16/hr. So $1 isn't truely bad. I'm just hoping that whatever job I do end up with will hopefully have raises or ability to move up the ladder.

    My high paying job I lost Nov 2010, I worked at for 2.5 years and not a single raise. Hindsight- I completely wish I didn't leave the job I worked for 8.5 years. I left them with 4 weeks vaca, would of been at 5 right now. Bunch of perks, but young naive me saw the $$$ signs on High paying job. Never anticipated a buy out of the company, never thought of my job going to India. I thought I was valuable.

    I'm nervous about today. We will see how it goes. I won't be on right away as I'm hitting the gym after. I fell off the gym wagon and gained back the 5lbs. Eeek! So I will let you all know asap.
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    Best of luck on your second interview today!! Definitely mention that you have another offer outstanding and need to let them know your choice ASAP.  At least then you can compare jobs, I did this once and ended up getting an offer on the second job.

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    Great job on getting an offer, first of all!  And how exciting that you have ANOTHER interview!  I agree with PPs that I wouldn't accept the job until you interview with this new company.  How long do you have to decide? 

    As far as benefits, if they didn't explain them during the interview process, I think it's perfectly acceptable that you ask about them.  When I started my current job, I had a vacation planned 2 weeks into when I would be working here.  I told them I would accept the job if I was able to get that week off (unpaid, but I had paid vacay days from my last job going into my bank account).  I think that since it is a honeymoon and still nearly 8 months away, it shouldn't be an issue. 

    Good luck with interview #2!
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    Good luck and let us know how your interview went!
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    Good luck with job interview #2 also it is not bad at all to ask what the benefits are.  I always ask and you might be able to negotiate with them as well.  I would let them know that you have already booked your HM and it is already paid for.  See what they say. 
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    congrats on your interview but when they ask you if you have any questions for them ask them how they feel about an employee taking time off for a honeymoon that has already been planned. It is nerve wrecking to ask but it might ease your mind because I just started my job 2 months ago and when our wedding day comes I already know that I will not have vacation time to cover it but they understood that I wanted that week off.
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    So, how did it go? We're all excited for you!
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    So interview #2 started out well with the lady who trains. The director of operations man came in and he was pretty much a Dink. I got attitude over my response to his question. He asked me how to process a medical claim. I told him I couldn't give him an answer as in my experience every place has different platforms on how they process the claim. After that the trainer lady had her hand over her mouth through the rest of his questions. I was very unnerved by that.

    At the end he was like Thanks, we will call you if we want you for a round 2 interview or to let you know if we went with someone else. I was also honest and upfront that I already had an offer pending. 

    Dink Director didn't tell me how much the pay was and I've been told you don't ask that in an interview, nor vacation time and everything. 

    In the end, not very good vibes from that job. I called back Job 1 and accepted the job.

    I start the 19th. I recall that there was a mention during my interview when HR went over benefits, about some time off and how I get a personal day for my bday and another for something. 

    I just go my letter now on the mail and says that I will be eligible for PTO (paid time off) after 6 months. Which is perfect. I will ask HR the amount on that day. If I only get a few days, then I know I'll be going to NH.
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    Sorry about the other interview. I think you did the right thing by accepting the 1st job offer. Congratulations!!!!
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    Congratulations!! At least you went through the 2nd one to know exactly what you are not missing out on.  

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