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I was wondering if any one knows of any indoor places to get married in iowa are wedding date is march 19 2010 and we really need to get a planning lol we want a small wedding out in iowa  with a maid of honor for both of us and we both plan on wearing dresses :) we lso want alt of pictures taken so we need to come in contact with a good photographer ughh we need help..

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    Welcome!  To be honest, you may have more luck with those questions on one of the Iowa local boards.  The experience of many on this board is that your best bet is to ask about wedding vendors (venues, photographers, etc.), and then to contact the recommended ones and see how they feel about same-sex weddings.  Wedding vendors in general tend to be pretty supportive of same-sex marriage, if only because they are an additional source of income for them.  And if you run into one that is hostile, you obviously don't need to use that person.

    And notwithstanding the fact that there is a Gay Weddings board on The Knot, I personally have not experienced hostility due to ours being a same-sex wedding on any of The Knot boards.
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    thank you somuch we actually got pretty far tonight we are looking at the wedding chapel in demoines,Iowa it includes the wedding package the photography and everything so thats what we are hoping for congrats to u two by the way:))
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