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I am getting married in 2012 and I'm trying to research venues but everytime I do I start to get a headache. Please if you've had your wedding in the Dallas Fort Worth area can you please send me info on it. I'm looking for a place under $5k (venue only the less the better!), 50-120 people, indoors (would prefer both ceremony and reception but I am willing to do the ceremony outdoors) I just don't want my guests to be cold if I choose to have it in February instead of April since it doesn't cost as much. Also I would prefer to DIY but will pay catering if its a good price.

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    my email is [email protected] if there is info you don't want to add here :)
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    You might also want to post this in the DFW local board.  The people who post on this board are from all over the world, so we may not even have anyone besides you from DFW.  However, a number of us (including me) have adopted the strategy of asking about venues/vendors on our local boards, then calling up the recommended people and asking whether they would be willing to work with a same-sex couple.  In the vast majority of cases, the answer has been yes.  And if you encounter a vendor who is hostile, you don't have to use that person.
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    Try Flower Mound Special Moments Chapel, on Flower Mound road!   I think I was quoted 2500, has small chapel, and reception room/area on site. 
    I did not check it out, b/c I fell in Love with Chapelle des Fleurs in Flower Mound - we went with a Sunday date to help lower the cost.  They also have an outside area if you'd like to have outdoor ceremony, and indoor reception - OR they have a beautiful chapel across the hall from the beautiful reception room.  it is 7000, but it includes chapel, reception area, food (drink if you want to have), And flowers, coordinator.  Amazingly helpful, Open to gay ceremonies, outside area, free parking - really excited to have ours there next May!  Check them out, and good luck. 
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    I am wedding my partner 8-18-2012 and there is about 150-200 guest invited are there any suggestions on where to go to find a great rate and someone to wed us.  thanks

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