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We have been engaged for a little over a month now and I am starting to get a little frustrated that she has not told her parents yet.  We called my folks right after it happened and they were both super thrilled. (My mom even got a little snippy with me when I asked my step-dad to walk me down the aisle, SHE wanted to be part of it too!) 
Her mom loves me, even calls me her "other daughter", but I know it was a long road getting there, she took it very badly when Stoney came out to her over a decade ago.  I didn't even think about it until she was so reluctant to make the phone call.. I never even thought it could go badly. But.. now I'm starting to worry.  I love her mom, she has been nothing but wonderful and supportive since I met her (I was even the first girl she has ever introduced as "the girlfriend", instead of a roommate or friend.) 

I really hope that we are reading more into this then there really is. I can't help but feel that I will be heartbroken if her mom and dad don't want to be a part of this special day.

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    FI has been out 12 years and we still haven't told her mom because her mother has long held out hope that it was a phase. She seems to like me, once told me I'm the best thing that's ever happened to her daughter, but doesn't approve, really. I feel your pain and I'm so sorry it has to be that way. You'd think love would be the blinder some families need to be accepting of "abnormal" but being happy isn't always enough for the anti's.
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  • Know the feeling except opposite.... My partners Mom, who never liked anyone loves me to death, we were a little hesitant to tell her but she took it very well and has even offered money to pay for some of the wedding plans but here comes the heartbreaking part. My Mom has not helped me plan anything and says she doesn't even know if she will be able to come to our wedding due to a family reunion the following day. I know my Mom loves us and she really loves my partner. We have been together 6.5 yrs and our wedding is set for our 7yr anniversary 12-1-12. I am heartbroken that she is not even interested and to my beautiful dress she just kinda did the oh that's nice hand back the camera and changed the subject. I am hoping as it gets closer she will be a bit more open but who knows and if she is going to come and not smile or be happy for me I guess it would be better if she just didn't come but at least she knows and that is on her if she turns out to be a no show. This wedding is going to be everything I have ever wanted with the love of my life and that is all that really matters.
  • I was engaged for 9 months before even coming out to my family. Then it took me another three months to say I am engaged. My partner never worried about it, at least not to my face.  Just trust your girl. She knows her family better.  And pray that when she does, you both will be pleasantly surprised. Most famlies tend to eventually understand the gay thing, the commitment thing but when you say marriage, it is a whole other  territory they are not willing to tread.
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