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No Children please?!

Alright, so we are trying to word our invites and I'm not quite sure how to say that we aren't inviting our friends lovely spawns. :) It's not that we wouldn't love to have them there; but our venew is also our caterer and we don't really want to pay per plate for some of the children. Also, we want people to stay late and we feel that if they bring their kids; they will be prone to leave earlier. Can anyone suggest a polite way to tell people that their kids are not invited?

Re: No Children please?!

  • A couple of ways:

    *  Address the invitation only to the parents, not to the family.
    *  Have an RSVP card that says something like, "Two seats are reserved in your honor," and/or that lists each of the people invited, with a yes and no box for each.
    *  Have the invitations (or reception card, if separate) refer to "adult reception."

    Even with all this, though, you will undoubtedly have some people who try to RSVP for their kids.  So if you want to avoid having spawn there, you'll need to call those people and say something like, "Apparently, there is some confusion.  We're having an adult reception.  I hope that you can still come without the children."
  • Thank you so much! These are all great idea's and we are going to make use of the RSVP idea.
  • Those auggestions are all great! I have a wedding website with The Knot where I had everyone rsvp (instead of rsvp cards) and explained ALL the wedding details, including no kids.  I included the phrase, 'leave the kids with a sitter and let your hair down!'
  • We listed our wedding website on both the save teh dates and the invites.  We have a FAQ page where we answer the questions:
     - can I bring my children to the wedding?
    our answer: "We would like to open the wedding up to all, our reception venue is limited in space and we are not able to invite families to attend. For our out of town guest who would like to bring their children to the ceremony, they are welcome. We will have babysitting options available for them during the reception."
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