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Suggestions for remembering loved ones?

Hey all!  My fiance and I are looking for ceremony suggestions to remember our loved ones who have passed on ... namely my grandmother, and her parents.

Our officiant suggested placing a rose on an empty chair at the ceremony to remember them by, but our seating is SO TIGHT then we can't really justify holding up three chairs when already some of our guests are going to be standing.

I had thought of a memory candle, but we really don't even have room for a small table to put anything on.  Does anyone have any suggestions??

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Re: Suggestions for remembering loved ones?

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    How about mentioning them during the ceremony? Or in the program? I've seen both done. I want to honor my father and grandfather and this is what I was thinking. Good luck :)
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    If you are looking for something so everyone will know you are remembering them, there are several ways to do that: program, mention them during ceremony, pictures of them, or light candles for them during the ceremony. Perhaps your fiance has a sibling (or other close relative) that could walk her down the aisle and it can be mentioned that instead of her parent it was this person that stood in.
    Are you doing a guest book at the entrance?  Perhaps this could be where you could display said items for your loved ones.

    If it isn't a big deal for everyone to know, perhaps you could work something of theirs into the bouquet (IE: parent's wedding band, handkerchief, have same flowers as mother did in her bouquet).  You could also place the flower arrangement from the head table on their grave the following day. Dance to their favorite song.

    I am honoring my grandparents by having my grandmother's wedding ring in my bouquet and my grandfather's WWII scrapbook of cards and letters he wrote to her displayed at a table.  My wife will be leaving a chair open with a white rose and picture of her grandmother.

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    I like the suggestions sustot made. I also had a friend who lost both her parents before her wedding and she set up a small table at the reception next to her sweetheart table with a candle and photo of her parents, so it's like they were there with us that night. Both she and her sister, who gave her away, carried an extra bouquet together down the aisle to represent her parents as well.

    Another note, your wedding is over a year away. Some how in that year you need to figure out away to accommodate all your guests so that there is a seat for each guest at the ceremony (and reception too of course). You shouldn't expect anyone to stand, that's just really bad form. Whether you rethink the venues or scale back the guest list make it work, I would be really miffed if I showed up at a ceremony and there were a bunch of people required to stand, it's rude.

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    Thank you for your suggestions everyone!  You all had some really good ones!  :)

    Thanks all!
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    we are having someone read a poem at the ceremony and have a vase of roses with the names on the vase to represent them.  I also have something of my sisters in my flowers
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    I found this on pinterest! It is pictures of deceased loved ones on the bouquet.  Very touching. 
    bouquet charm.
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