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Ceremony question

So I want my future wife and I two walk down the isle. How do we do this so it's special for both of us. Usually one is standing at the alter already, do we change the typical isle setting or just go one after the other?and it's on the beach?...

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  • chrmunchrmun member
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    You could set up the chairs in 3 sections, so there are two aisles.  like this:


    That way you can each walk down your own aisle and then walk out together.
    This is what FI and I were going to do, but it didn't really work with our venue.  So, instead, we are just marching in one line like this:


    Good luck!
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  • Walk in together? I have been thinking about this too, as we will have about 15-20 guests and the chair arrangement might be silly looking, so I wasn't sure what to do about an aisle.
  • You could just send your wedding party down first... and they will be waiting for you both at the altar.

  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    We walked down together.  As alternatives, you could either a) walk up separate aisles, or b) come in from opposite sides at the back and then meet at the back of the aisle and process the rest of the way together.
  • chrmunchrmun member
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    Also, I'd like it known that I had never heard the verb, "pro-CESS" used before I started planning a wedding. 
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  • I don't know whether this will work for you, but here's what we're (probably) doing.

    We're getting married in a very traditional church, so the altar's up front and then the pews are arranged with only one aisle, so the two-aisle option was out.

    HOWEVER, our liturgy ( suggests that the first parts (the greeting, the introduction and the declaration of intention) take place at the back of the church. So we're processing from doors at the front of the church (near the altar) via outside aisles (at the same time, but each of us on a different aisle) to the back of the church with our fathers. At the back of the church, we will do those 3 parts of the ceremony, then we'll process to the front of the church together (and we haven't figured out what to do with our fathers-- maybe they'll process with the priest-- it could be a straight, white man parade).

    Does that make sense? I feel like if I could draw it for you it would be way easier to understand. :)
  • our is coming up in oct and we are doing it this way...

    first bride walks
    then bridesmaids n bridesmen
    then flower girl for me (cause i m more into it then she is lol)
    then second bride...

    hope this helps
  • I can not help you on this one because I am walking to my FW for the first time......I like all the pp suggestions.....

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  • Hi,  I am looking for readings that my adult step daughters can share at our wedding. We are not particularly religious, but very spiritual. I've looked at lots of books, but have not found one that is the right fit, any ideas?
  • There is no set way to get down the isle, I have hersbands wait at the alter/arch or I have also had both both enter with either a mother or father.  Usually our hersband will enter with her mother first and wait at the alter and the wife will enter with her father.

    And actually that looks very nice.

    Reverend Lisa
  • we both walked down, yet seperate. i walked down with my father. she walked down with her young son 8. they waited for me and then he sat with grandma. we chose a song we both went up 2 gether. good luck.
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