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We did it!! PIP

So it may have been nine days ago but the fog is starting to clear.

Wifey and I had beautiful weather and an amazing day, compleate with some pretty sassy diy touches. Here are some of my first faves :)

Also if you are in NY- Rev Deb at ceremonies of the heart was FANTASTIC.

Rehersal dinner tee shirts


Photo booth at the reception (my sign says "we did it" hers says "thats what she said")

sneak peak of our pro-pics :)
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Re: We did it!! PIP

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    You both looked so beautiful ... congratulations!!!

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  • sustotsustot member
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    Congrats!  Love the Bride A & B shirts. 
    How did the photo booth go over?  We are thinking of doing the same for our reception + props.  We're hoping as the night goes on the photos will get more "interesting."
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    love the tee shirts
  • llucas45llucas45 member
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    Congratulations! we have ten days and i can not wait!!
  • K&J64K&J64 member
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    Congratulations, I love the pro pics of the two of you, you look so happy. All the best to you both!

  • deegadee9deegadee9 member
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    Thanks guys!! We had a blast!

    Our names start with A&B so everything in the wedding got branded with A&B instead of a monogram...even in the program we had our wedding party listed as team A and team the teeshirts we just a fun addition (that i have worn almost every night sense :))

    The photobooth was AMAZING!
     We used a free trial of: the full software is only like $100 but the free version worked great (no watermarks, all of the files saved..ect) We hooked the computer upto a monitor so the photos would display on our guestbook table.

    The photo strips printed 2 strips to a page so the guest cut them and pasted one into an album and signed it, and kept the other strip for themselves. I love love love our guest book. It made wifey cry and the photo booth was the most talked about part of our wedding.

    Thanks for all of the love ladies!
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  • WeabitWeabit member
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    Congratulations! Your dresses are lovely, I really like that they complement each other with the shorter length! The photo guest book sounds like an awesome idea!
  • alisonzalisonz member
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    Your photobooth is too cute, and I wore a short dress too :)

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  • nicknuttncnicknuttnc member
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    You look great. I love the tee shirts. I might have to steal that idea( if you don't mind)

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    Congrat!!! Married life is amazing huh?/ I just got married 35 days ago( not that I'm counting ha! ha!) I wish you both a life time of happiness.

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    we love the photo booth idea and have talked about renting the whole big thing, i am so intrigued by this computer option!
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