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i now pronounce you....

i am in a bind. my wedding is in one week! and we don't know how to be pronounced. i now pronounce you.....? you may kiss the bride. then we will be presented as mrs. heather and kerry johnson. as kerry is taking my last name. i kind of like the simplicity of ; i now prounce you married. but at the same time i want something a little different. please help me! and fast!

Re: i now pronounce you....

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    Our pronouncement was:

    "We ask that their days be long, and be seasoned with love, understanding, and respect. And may all of us be blessed by love as it shines through them all of their lives. It is now with great pleasure that I pronounce you spouses for life.

    You may kiss. Will the guests please rise and welcome the new couple."

    Neither of us are changing our names (for now at least) so we had to go with something vague for the end, "new couple", you don't have the problem. I liked "spouses for life".

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    We were in the same bind.  For so long our wedding was referred to as a commitment ceremony that my wife said we should be pronounced as "committed."  I told her it sounded like we were insane and being committed - so NO. 
    Then we discussed "wife and wife", but we both thought that just sounded weird.  Maybe it worked for some, but it just wasn't us.
    We finally opted for "married" since that is what we were and had waited 15 years to do!
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    We are doing:

    Now that you Allison, and you, Beth, have promised to give yourselves to one another and to love each other through your sacred vows and through the giving and receiving of these rings, In the eyes of God, and all those present I now pronounce you wives.


    You may now begin your life together with a kiss.
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    Now by the authority vested in me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in the presence of these witnesses, I declare you married under the laws of Massachusetts and the traditions of Moses and of Israel, and join with this happy company in wishing you every success and every joy in the days ahead.

    After 9 years of being "partners," I definitely wanted to hear that we were now really married!
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    How about: "And now I pronounce you committed to each other for the rest
    of your lives as well as happily ever after."  Too corny?  lol
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    I really the sound of "yada yada yada...I now pronounce you married".
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    I now pronounce you happily Mr.and Mrs. life partners....aka gay 
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