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Need a location and someone to do the ceremony :(

I am new here but ran across it when I was searching for a location and someone to do our ceremony. This has been such a stressful and trying process. Its really hard to find people to do so, I don't know if its just utah, or in general. If any of you have any suggestions at all I would appreciate it so very much. 
Thank you!!

Re: Need a location and someone to do the ceremony :(

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    It may just be Utah.  What kind of location are you looking for?  Do you want a particular religion?  I'm assuming based on the board that your a same sex couple, so since it won't be legal you could go with someone who is not able to legally marry you, such as a friend.  I just got married in Utah (though not a same sex couple) and would be happy to point places out if you like.  Feel free to PM me.  Just so you know the Utah board is fairly quiet, I didn't find it all that helpful.  Lastly, where in Utah do you want to do it?  How big a wedding do you want? 
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    If you haven't already, try checking out ... they offer all vendors and officiants that are gay friendly.  It's where we found our officiant!
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    I can say that for our wedding in Massachusetts, it was not at all hard to find vendors willing to work with us.  You may want to consider having your ceremony in one of the states with legal recognition of same-sex marriages for that reason (among others).  However, if you have the wedding in Utah, you do at least have a lot of flexibility on officiants and venues.  Depending on your budget and how many guests you have, you could consider anything from a local park to the private dining room of a restaurant to a banquet hall.
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    I know of somone who does weddings... you can give him a call at 770.876.4506. his name is Mr. Dykeman. he usually is in his office and can take calls around this time
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