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I have never been one to announce or apologize being in a same-sex marriage, but I'm wondering as I search for a photographer if it's something I might want to mention.  Obviously when we meet the photographer, they will know - but if its something they're uncomfortable with off the bat, I'd prefer to not waste my time.  I live in a small town, so there aren't TONS of photographers, and I haven't seen ANY with a same-sex couple in their portfolio.  Being in such a small town I don't think many ppl really "interview" potential photographers to get a good feel for them.  I've tried my local board but haven't gotten much insight there for recommendations.

Just wondering if anyone else out there can relate, or has any input.


Re: LGBTQ-friendly vendors

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    I am not in your state, but I am planning a same-sex wedding as well. I live in Michigan, where same sex marriage is not yet legal. However, because my fiance is a trans woman, she is still legally a man, and our marriage will be legal.

    We have been very honest with our vendors up front. My fiance passes as female, having had facial feminization surgery, but the voice is still somewhat on the masculine side. So people are confused at first. But we make it clear that it will be two brides, two wedding dresses, and we just say that we need to know they will be okay with it. Our venue is an inn that is still open to the public during events. So we said "we are aware you are open to the public. Is this something you are concerned about other customers seeing?"

    It needs to be discussed up front. But keep in mind..... the wedding industry LOVES same-sex marriage. David's Bridal LOVED us. TWO wedding dresses for the same wedding. More money for them. But yes, just be up front. Because you can take your business elsewhere and they know that. Besides, it's good word-of-mouth for them, being same-sex friendly.
  • I agree with AndreaV26.  You shouldn't have to specify that it's a same-sex wedding.  And most wedding vendors will be happy to have you as a client.  (We had precisely zero openly express hostility, and some were particularly enthusiastic about working with a same-sex couple.)  But if you want to avoid wasting time with the small minority who are haters, you can always say up front, "Do you have any issues working with a same-sex couple?"
  • I did what 2d bride suggested.  I flat out said "this is a queer wedding.  If you have any problem with that, speak up now".   I would rather be up front and not work with any vendor who wasn't 100% supportive.
  • You shouldn't have to specify because the vendor shouldn't care. However, I would think when it comes to photography it's a very important topic to bring up. I know I was talking with my wedding photographer (who openly supports same sex marriages) and he was telling me how many photographers wouldn't be able to handle a same sex wedding...not because of ideological reasons but because you don't pose a same sex couple the same way you would pose a heterosexual couple.  Many of the same principles apply but it does require an experience photographer. 
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