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Anyone have tips for cruise weddings?

My partner and I want to have a wedding on a cruise, however we would prefer it not be a gay cruise because we want our families to attend the wedding and enjoy the trip. They accept us but we still want to be considerate. Does anyone have any ideas to what the best cruises would be? Our other option is a Vegas wedding... Any ideas?

Re: Anyone have tips for cruise weddings?

  • Try this ...., they offer Gay Friendly accomodations, princess cruises and others are all gay friendly.  There is a wonderful cruise around the Islands of HI.  Where by the way gay marriage is legal.  This package was offered at AAA travel. 

    Those thoughts and more !!!   Reverend Lisa

  • IM getting Married On Carnival :) AND they are ALL over the world, and if U plan ahead U can get some Cheap Cabins:) good luck
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