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I Need Legal Assistance

I live in NC and my fiance and I would like to get married in the state that all our family live in. How can we become legal in the 7 states that are, but keep the wedding here in NC. Would we have to go to a court house in DC or NY to get married and then hold a wedding?? What are your suggestions??

I appreciate your help!

Re: I Need Legal Assistance

  • Technically, the "wedding" will be wherever you get legally married.  However, I think that most people understand that same-sex couples have special issues, given the few places they can get married.  So if you just have a courthouse wedding in NY or DC, and choose to have a second ceremony in NC, I think you'll be fine.

    We elected to have a ceremony in MA (before DC or NY had same-sex marriage), and then just a reception back in DC.  However, we had a video of the ceremony that we showed at our reception.

    I've known other people who have had the ceremony at home first, and then had the legal wedding while on their honeymoon.

    Of course, the ideal situation would be to have all 50 states and the federal government recognize same-sex marriage.  But until that day comes, we're all kind of improvising.
  • We are also getting married here in NC and even though the state doesnt recognize it WE see it as being married. We are also planning on traveling to another state and do it legaly there either on our honeymoon or our first year anniversary. Our family and friends are all very excited about our wedding in July and we cant wait either!  I think you should do what is right for you (wether going to the courthouse in a different state before or after) and I know your family and friends will all be so very happy for you!
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