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We are getting married in a little of a month and invitations have gone out and gifts are starting to come in.  My question is do we send out thank you cards now or wait until after the wedding.  If we wait until after the wedding it just seems to me it is a long time before we acknoeledge their gift.  Ideas?

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    You can send them out now, but you shouldn't actually use the gifts until after the wedding (just in case). My wife was pretty pissed I wouldn't let her use her new Kitchenaid we got at the shower until after the wedding, I told her I might still call it off and she'd have to return it to the gift giver lol.

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    According to Emily post you should the thank you within 3 months of receipt, but I have heard of some wedding gurus saying 1 year. I am waiting until after the wedding either way.
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    Definitely send them as soon as possible.  It reassures your guests that you actually got the gift.  And it gets them out of the way for you, so you're not having to do as many after the wedding.
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    No question you should send a thank you card as soon as you receive the gift. The most important reason is so that the giver knows you actually received it! The number of things that get lost in the mail... You don't want your generous friends and relatives feeling stressed out about whether or not you received their gift!

    Then there's a secondary and more selfish reason -- get it over with now!!! You'll thank yourself later when you're faced with a mountain of thank you cards to write all at once post-wedding!

    People get pissy about late thank you cards and with good reason. It's just plain rude to not acknowledge receipt of a gift. Especially when the gift isn't handed to you directly. Wedding gifts get stolen and go missing all the time so you need to reassure people that the gift arrived safe and sound - whether at the wedding itself or at your front door!
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