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Wedding/reception in different countries

I live and work in Windsor, Canada, just over the border from Detroit. My fiancee lives in Michigan. We have friends on both sides of the border, but of course can only get legally married in Canada.

We are planning to have the ceremony in Canada, with an informal (cake and punch) reception in WIndsor, then a larger reception (blessing of the marriage and dinner) in Ann Arbor. It's about 45 minutes-hour between the two, plus of course the international border/customs.

Does that sound like too much to ask of our guests? We want to be able to celebrate on both sides of the border, with people who couldn't travel (for whatever reason--health, no passport, don't like the hassle, etc.) to the other country, and on the same day. Our thought is that people will choose the reception that they are closest to geographically, or which is m ost important to them (i.e., ceremony vs only reception). A few will be at both--family, mostly.

Is that too involved and complicated? Would you go to both or how would you choose which to attend?

Re: Wedding/reception in different countries

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    2dBride2dBride member
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    Honestly, I don't see that as being a big problem.  The only people expected to do both are a few close family members.  All the others get to celebrate your marriage in whatever country they are already in.  The only thing I would try to do is to pass the word that your guests are welcome to pick one, so that they won't feel like they can't come to the US reception if they haven't previously been to the Canadian wedding.
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    WindsorMarthaWindsorMartha member
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    Thanks 2dBride!

    Good suggestion--I hadn't thought of people feeling awkward about coming to the reception if they hadn't been to the ceremony.
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