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So - 
I am pretty sure what the answer will be but...
I have four flowergirls. Can I promote the older 2 to e ringbearers or is there some law that all little girls are flowergirls. My party is all mixed gender already. What do you think? 

I have time but I want to get the bridal party in place.

Re: Flower Girls

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    Of course you can have girls as ring bearers!  It always amuses me when people think that they "have to" follow every wedding tradition they've ever heard of.  As someone who had a maid of honor and a dude of honor, I'm a big believer in including the people you want to include, and working out the titles as you see fit.  After all, it's traditional to have one bride and one groom in every wedding, and none of us on this board are doing that.
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