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Apologies from a resident of Massachusetts - re: Boston City Hall

I was at Boston City Hall the other day to pick up a birth certificate. In front of me were two women applying for a marriage license. I didn't want to be nosey so I didn't ask, but it occured to me that there are many couples from other states coming to MA to get married, and they apply for a marriage license at Boston City Hall. If you've never been there, all those administrative services are in the basement of a concrete building and so dark and dreary, and as a resident of MA, I am so sorry about that!

If you are planning on getting married in MA and can apply for a marriage license somewhere other than Boston City Hall, please do so. And if you do go there, please wear some really bright clothing to cheer up yourself and the others that are waiting in line to get marriage licenses, pay parking tickets, etc.. :-) - A blog of wedding favors
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