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We live in Denver and  haven't been able to find a lot of local les friendly vendors, at least none that are registered with any of the gay wedding sites.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!
Everyone should be able to marry their true soulmate.

Re: Colorado vendors

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    This is common, particularly in states that do not have legal same-sex marriage.  My suggestion would be to ask about vendors on your local wedding board, without limiting them to ones known to be les friendly.  Then call the recommended vendors, and ask them how they feel about working with a same-sex couple.  If they are open to it, great!  If not, you don't have to use them.

    Our experience, and that of most people on this board, is that the vast majority of wedding vendors are in fact open to same-sex weddings.  After all, there is money in it for them.  But if you limit yourself to ones known to be les friendly, you'll rule out many who have just never been asked before, but would be open to it if asked.
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    Thank you for the suggestion.  We will try that.
    Everyone should be able to marry their true soulmate.
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    Hi ShelNay2012

    I bought my wedding gown in Denver and found a fantastic bridal store that was extremely gay-friendly. I worked with Michael and he is amazing--I did not work with anyone else so I cannot vouch for them. Michael completely understands what will look best on your body type and is a lot of fun. He also helped come up with ideas for my partner who does not want to wear a dress. I went back a second time for bridesmaid dresses and worked with him again and it was a treat.

    He works at Anna Be. You can find them online by clicking here and need an appointment to visit. They have wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories. I suggest just requesting Michael if you plan to go, otherwise they will put you with whoever is available.

    Good luck!

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