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Need Help Addressing an Invitation

I'm getting married in November and hand-addressing over 300 invites (yeah, you read that right, lol) so I need to get started soon.  For reference, I am doing outer envelopes only.  I am trying to figure out how to appropriately address an invite to my cousin, her life partner, and their 3 boys, but the situation is a little complicated.

Both my cousin and her life partner were married when they met - my cousin had 2 sons with her H, and her life partner had 1 son with her H.  When they got together, my cousin's life partner legally divorced her H (in fact I think she was already in the process when they met) - but my cousin is still legally married to hers.  I think it has to do with wanting to work out their own custody and child support issues, etc.  So what you end up with in the household is this:

Mrs. Jane Smith
Ms. Anne Jones
John Smith (age 13)
Joe Smith (age 11)
Andy Jones (age 8)

So how should I address this invitation?  I was thinking of doing "Mrs. Jane Smith and Ms. Anne Jones and Family," but isn't it bad etiquette to use "and family?"  Just looking for a couple of suggestions.  :)

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Re: Need Help Addressing an Invitation

  • daisywithakdaisywithak member
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    I would probably do:
    Mrs. Jane Smith and Ms. Anne Jones
    John and Joe Smith
    Andy Jones

    If you want it more formal you could also put Mr. in front of the kids names.  Also, it is not bad etiquette to put "and family", but people usually like to avoid it because it can be interpreted so many different ways.  For instance some people might think it means they can bring their brother, cousin, mom, etc.  By putting specific names you can avoid that issue.
  • deegadee9deegadee9 member
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    I did "and family" for anyone who was remotly complicated :) It's your cousin, she is not going to care (or probably give it a second thought).
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  • trexbbytrexbby member
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    Being a Lesbian bride, I would address it as.
    Mrs. Jane Smith and Ms. Anne Jones and Family.
    You are addressing both and accknowleding that everyone is family.
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