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separate wedding and reception dates

Hi - we are having a small, private ceremony in NYC since we can't get married in PA. Then a larger reception/party/whatever you want to call it two weeks later in Philly. We are sending out Save the Dates soon. I am planning on creating the main STD for the reception as it applies to everyone on our guest list. Then I was going to do an enclosure STD card for the people who are also invited to the ceremony (our close friends and parents). The people who are invited to the ceremony already know they are, and everyone else just knows they are coming to the reception. I just want to be clear on the main STD that it is not an actual wedding, just a reception. Would this be an appropriate way to approach this?

Re: separate wedding and reception dates

  • You don't have to do STDs at all.  If you do, you could always put something like, "Save the date for our wedding reception."
  • My advice as a wedding planner...send out one kind of std for the reception. Make sure that you take lots of pictures of the actual ceremony. Blow them up then put them on a special table at the reception. This way all of your guests will feel that they were a part of both of your special days.
  • that is what i was thinking! we actually just moved the ceremony date to the friday before the reception. this way, it will all feel more connected and like our "wedding weekend". we are lucky enough to live in philly, which is close enough to NYC to make the overnight trip.
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