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FMIL's stringing us along...

FI and I have been planning our destination wedding since we got engaged just over a year ago. FI has told her mother that she doesn't have to pay or anything just so she'll attend, her flight, hotel, dress, hair, expenses everything will be taken care of. She doesn't want to look for a dress, so I've been online emailing FI dresses to show FMIL to get an idea of her style and the cost. She has turned down everything (even things similar to her style I know she'd wear!!) and refuses to acknowledge whenever FI brings up the wedding and that FMIL needs to find a dress there's no response and no eye contact. I don't want her to wait until the month before the wedding and she decides to up and go. It frustrates me because we are on a very tight budget and if she doesn't want to go, I'd rather her say so then string us along. That money can go towards something else!!!

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Re: FMIL's stringing us along...

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    Have you FI talk to her mom and ask what's up and why she's being so resistant to going dress shopping. If there's a deeper issue at play here resolve it now or let your FI move on with planning without including her mom, painful as that may be.

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    She finally got an answer. FMIL claims that it's too far away for her to even be thinking about a dress, she says when the date gets closer she'll began her search. It is an answer, but sounds like hogwash to me. FI and I have already decided that we will not stress out about things of this sort, and that the wedding will go on regaurdless.

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    I have an update!

    FMIL has been excited lately and says she's looking forward to attending our destination wedding. She has even invited a few other relatives who are also on board! :)

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