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Budget wedding in FLA...Help!!!

Just started the planning for a wedding and im overwhelmed already. Would appreciate any idea on how to keep it beautiful but in budget.

Re: Budget wedding in FLA...Help!!!

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    Prioritize and DIY as much as you can.  Spend money on the really important, big impact items and don't get bogged down in the tiny details nobody is likely to notice or really remember.
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    Sit down and set a budget. Be realistic and honest on what you can spend and what you cannot. Then look and budget hunt for all things. I am an ebay junkie and lot of my wedding stuff is coming from there (new...).

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    I am and have DIYed almost every aspect of our wedding. Centerpeices for less than $30 each, my invitations for less than $200 (including postage), I made my own garter, and my own toss and BM's bouquettes. I still have the rest of my centerpeices to finish up and the invitations, programs and menus. I also made my own card box and other decorations for the reception. My girls and I will also be decorating the venues ourselves. I know it's a lot of work, but future wife and I are on a strict budget for our destination wedding. Between the Hobby Lobby, ebay, and a few other DIY websites, I've saved over a thousand dollars. Good luck and do what you're able to do, don't sweat the small stuff :)
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    I was wondering if maybe you could share some tips with me. I'm getting married in FL and I'm so lost in all this.
  • I am a soon to be wifey too but my job is a wedding & event plannner. What exactly do you need help in? First thing is have you set a style, color scheme and or theme? Next, have you guys foreseen a budget? Maybe I can guide you a little with this little info. Looking forward to hearing back from you. L&I
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