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idk where to start

my partner and i have set our date but idk where the wedding should be or even if there should be a wedding.i was thinking we can go get married where it is legal then have something in her home state in AL then in mines in CA can someone HELP ME PLEASE i always wanted the fairytale wedding but because its not legal where i want it i dont think its going to happen. Thank so much Smile

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    Whewww. That is a lot of planning. First of all you need to make a decision on if you want the legal aspect of the wedding or not. Then if you want to throw something in both places, then you should go for it. Your wedding will be magical no matter where you are because you are marrying your soulmate.
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    You can have the fairytale wedding ceremony and reception whereever you want to have it, even if it's not a legal ceremony.  And then you can elope in a state where it's legal. 
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    Hey, we are doing the "legal" part in New York because our state does not recognize. We are having a small ceremony at home and reception with all of our close family and friends.  You CAN have your Fairytale! I promise!
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    Thanks guys we are going to New York to get  married and then having something for our family and friendsSmile
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    We went through a lot of this towards the beginning of our planning.  We jumped from idea to idea.  We couldn't make up our minds of where to have the ceremony, if we should have two, if we should even bother getting legally married (due to the fact we live in Pennsylvania and it doesn't make a difference whether we're married or not in the state's eyes), if we should have the reception in New York also, or if we should just forget the whole thing.  We were completely lost for the first year of planning. We finally decided on just having a small wedding in New York and then a big reception back home for all of our friends and family.  Hope everything goes well for you! :)
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