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Trouble finding an officiant

It has been very difficult for us to find someone to marry us in the Birmingham, Alabama area.  Our wedding is set for September of this year, and approaching fast.  Does anyone know of a decent, non-pagan person that would perform the ceremony?

Thank you!

Chris and Lance

Re: Trouble finding an officiant

  • Hi!

    I went to a primiarily LGBT seminary in Berekley, CA and most of my seminary friends are now LGBT or ally ministers.

    I don't know of anyone personally in Birmingham, but I can tell you that if you're looking for a Christian minister, churches within the United Church of Christ, Metropolitan Community Churches and Unitarian Universalists would be a good place to look. Gay marriage is supported by those denominations - and their ministers are not likely to be reprimanded for performing a same sex ceremony.

    Specifically in Birmingham, Pilgrim UCC is an "Open and Affirming" (LGBT accepting) congregation with a Lesbian staff person... I'm not sure whether or not she is ordained, but she would probably know of someone in the area who could do the ceremony if she can't.  Here's a link to their website:

    There are MCC congregations in Mobile and Montgomery. MCC is a Christian denomination founded by LGBT folks with the mission of inclusion and equal rights. Here's a link to the Alabama MCC locations:

    I personally have an MCC minister friend in Fort Lauderdale - but that's kind of far... If you're willing to pay for travel, I have quite a few friends who would be happy to perform the ceremony.

    Best of luck! I'm happy to help however I can.

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