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I am trying to help my daughter and her partner find a rabbi in the los angeles area that will participate in an interfaith ceremony.  Our good friend who is a Lutheran pastor will officiate but since we are Jewish we are hoping to find a Rabbi.  Any suggestions?

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    You might check out Interfaith Family.  They have a "Request a Rabbi" function for that very purpose.

    I can say from experience that it is harder to find a rabbi who will participate in an interfaith ceremony than to find one who will participate in a same-sex ceremony.  Thus, you need not fear that anyone to whom she is referred will have an issue with her choice of partner.
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    Good advice above, also consider researching LGBT Congregations in the LA area.

    My wedding was officiated by a Cantor from a (not gay) Reform Congregation in NJ and she had no issues at all with marrying a same-sex or inter-faith couple (my wife was raised Catholic).

    Good luck!

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    Many rabbis from Reform congregations will officiate same sex and interfaith marriages, so long as the couple is committed to raising a jewish family (if children are in their plan). Many rabbis will also officiate interfaith, but not with a nonjewish clergy. I know the Rabbi at my synagogue does both weddings, but we are in Las Vegas.
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