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Hawaii Honeymoon Help

Hello all,

My wife and I had a  simple commitment ceremony back in September. We are trying to plan a honeymoon now in Hawaii. Has anyone been? I'm trying to figure out with Island to stay on and if anyone has a lesbian friendly hotels or resorts we could stay that would be great. Also any travel agencies that were useful. Thank you!

Re: Hawaii Honeymoon Help

  • i was there in DECEMBER, great trip to oahu, big island & mahui....!!! not all the islands are gay-friendly in my opinion!! but we had a great time!!!
  • I'm from Oahu!  I honeymooned on Kauai, and my friends love it there as well.  It doesn't have anything close to a bustling city... just lots of green rainforests, waterfalls, beautiful beaches, etc.  Of course, it is more expensive to get a hotel or food or gas there, but I think it's worth it.  I have to say that with the same-sex unions recognition passing in HI, there has to be a lot more travel agencies available. 
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