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My fiance and I are getting married at the end of the month and are putting together our escort cards for table assignments.  We have several committed gay and lesbian couple friends who are attending.  What is the proper way to address the escort cards to a committed couple?  Do I give them seperate escort cards or is there a good way to address them that indicates they are a committed couple?  Any constructive advice appreciated.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this.

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    Hey, this is as good a forum as any!

    I suspect that for your escort cards, you may want to have separate ones for each individual, as opposed to each couple, even in the case of straight couples.  Even straight married couples may have separate last names, which means that alphabetizing the cards is impossible if you have one card per couple.  Plus, engaged couples or couples who live together without being married will have separate last names.  And people tend to see others they have not seen for a long time at weddings, so even if a couple has the same last name, the wife may walk in ahead of the husband, or vice versa.  If there is only one card, the second one in is going to waste time looking for a card that is not there.

    However, if you choose to have one card per couple, then you write the ones for gay and lesbian couples the same way you would write the ones for committed straight couples with different last names.  This would typically be something like, "Ms. Mary Smith and Ms. Sarah Jones."  The fact that it is all on one card will indicate that they are a couple.
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    Do exactly the same thing for them that you will be doing for any married couples with different last names, or unmarried straight couples.
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