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Order of walking down the aisle

I need some advice about who walks down the aisle first. I know there are a ton of options: walk down together, walk to each other, then walk down together, but I am pretty sure we have decided that we each want to walk down with both of our parents. How do we decide who goes first? Flip a coin? I like the idea of her waiting for me at the "altar", but also like the idea of me waiting for her.

Decisions, decisions. If any of you walked down separately, if you could tell me how you decided, that might help.  Thanks!

Re: Order of walking down the aisle

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    If you truly can't decide and like both, ask her if she has a preference.  Otherwise, I'd probably go for the coin flip, since you'll both get your aisle moment.  I don't think you can go wrong!

    I haven't decided yet, but I'll defer to my bride since I don't have a preference.  I'll probably end up going first though, so I can be waiting at the altar.
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    We did the same, walked separately each escorted by both of our parents. I went first for several reasons. 1) I really wanted to watch her walk down the aisle 2) I knew she wanted the final entrance deep down 3) Age before beauty!

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    Does your venue have (or could it be made to have) more than one aisle?  You could each go down one of them at the same time.
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    I had the same thought as the pp. This could be a bit of work in terms of designing the space, but maybe it would be cool to be able to walk towards one another somehow (both with your respective parents). Then you could both watch one another! I think this seems super romantic.

    Maybe creating two aisles on sort of diagonals leading to the front/centre?
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    Now that we are married it could not have went any better. She was walked down by my older brother and was waiting for me to walk down to meet her. The look in her eyes when she seen me for the first time was amazing! Anything you ladies choice will be awesome
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    Thank you all so much for the ideas and support. I like the idea of the two aisles coming in diagonally and at the same time, but part of me wants for us both to be the center of attention at some point, therefore, we'd need to walk at different times. At this point, we're thinking she will go first because she said she really wants to watch me come down the aisle. We'll see :-) Whatever we do, it'll be so great!
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    we flipped a coin for so many things like this where neither of us had a huge preference...or rock paper scissors :-)
  • We can't decide either. We are both determined to go "last" but I'm going to suggest the 2 aisle thing. Wish me luck!!!
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