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The Knot Personal Settings / I'm a groom, not a bride

Hey all,

The Knot keeps referring me to a bride, and has "other brides like me" and keeps asking about my dress and hair and etc. I'm a groom. As is my fiance. Does anyone know where I can fix these settings? I'm ready to quit, but don't want to b/c I think there are a lot of good resources in this site.

Re: The Knot Personal Settings / I'm a groom, not a bride

  • Sigh!  This is bad enough for couples that actually have one or more brides, since it assumes that only the bride is responsible for wedding planning.  It's even more of a pain for a two-groom couple.

    My best suggestion is just to leave things as they are, with your profile completely private, and enjoy the resources that are here.
  • I wrote a... well a very frustrated email to The Knot one day where I was just super frustrated with the heteronormative nature of wedding planning in general combined with the geographic restrictions we're encoutering in having a legal wedding. Unsuprisingly, I have never received a response.

    I don't know what to tell you. I use this site as a resouce on a need-only basis. I guess I'm just responding to commiserate. :)
  • Unfortunately TK is just like most other wedding vendors. Their settings dont take us into account. I swear if I have to fill out one more brides name, grooms name form I might go crazy. Well maybe not.  But it is frustrating, and hopefully soon this wont be an issue for anyone.
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  • There are a couple other places to gothat seem to be more geared toward us.  Check out and

    At this point, I'm really only using TK for the planner.  The rest of the stuff tends to be very bridal oriented and just so.... over the top.
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