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Should I propose?

I decided that this was too much information to have on the internet.

Thank you to the people who replied :o)

Re: Should I propose?

  • vtgoodspeedvtgoodspeed member
    edited December 2011
    If this is your first trip together you may want to hold off to the end of the trip or after.  A trip can be a true test to see if the relationship is going to work.  I can tell you a number of my relationships have ended after a vacation getaway because you tend to see a different side of people when they travel. 

    No matter what you do - Good luck and I hope you will be happy.
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  • K&J64K&J64 member
    edited December 2011
    I'd wait until she was done with school personally. I also think 2 years isn't terribly long to be together if I'm being honest. How much longer until she's out of university? Perhaps a second holiday and proposal then would be better.

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