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Okay so I am really confused about this wedding dress situation... please help...?

Okay I have been engaged for awhile, and I have been toying around looking at dresses, however I am now really starting to plan this wedding. A while back I found this dress that I absolutely love. Here is a pic of it:
I am just really skeptical about buying online... is that a normal thing now a days? Buying wedding dresses online? This site has a very strict return policy, as in no returns on wedding dresses, and that makes me nervous.
In my search today I found a dress that is so incredibly similar to the first dress I am astonished and cannot help but think that the first dress is a type of "rip off" off this dress:

This second dress is made by the designer Bonny... and the first dress has no designer listed.
My problem is that I LOVE the first dress more. What should I do?
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