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What to wear?

I'm having a really hard time finding something to wear. First of all, my general look / style is not too manly but not femme. My hair is long, and I'm very curvy. Due to my curves, it's hard to find something that is in-between manly and girly. I generally wear women's button-up shirts and pants. I want to vary from what I normallywear and not look like it's just another day or look too casual. Our wedding is not going to be super fancy....we're going more for a rustic / nature theme. I just want to look nice and be comfortable. Any ideas? Places to shop in the Asheville area that are gay-friendly if I needed assistance?

Re: What to wear?

  • The real question is what you'd like to wear.  You could wear a dress (wedding, bridesmaid, evening, or daytime); a pantsuit, a woman's tux; or pretty much anything else that you want.

    If what you want is some version of pants, this article may be of help.  It discusses how to get flattering suits for women's shapes.

    If what you want is a dress, you have even more options.   If it's a wedding dress or a bridesmaid's dress (which often are available in white or ivory, if that matters to you), you'll need to go to a bridal salon.  Otherwise, you can go anywhere that sells women's dresses.

    Unfortunately, I really don't know places in Asheville.  However, my general advice (especially for places that don't yet have gay marriage) is to check with your local board on good places to go, then call up those places that get good reviews and ask them whether they'd be open to helping with a same-sex marriage.  In an area that doesn't have same-sex marriage, you often won't find a lot of places that advertise as gay-friendly, just because many of them have never been asked about it.  However, most wedding vendors are friendly to gay marriage--if only because it's one more opportunity for them to make money.  And if you run into a vendor that isn't, you don't have to go there.
  • Since you are having a rustic/nature wedding wearing tan/taupe colored pants with a white/ivory button up shirt. Depending on how you feel a tan/taupe colored vest would look great!
  • Wear something that reflects the personality of both of you together.

    We are having our Wedding on the 1st of Aug. We live in Florida and are a rather formal older couple. We both have the same first name too so we decided to wear the same black suit, white shirt, gold tie and boutonniers of red rose edged in Queen Annes lace. We will have an out door wedding in a park next to the Atlantic ocean with a few family members. We already have a pearl white Cadillac to drive to the event.
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